I love learning and I love humans. I found a way out of 7 years of ill health and now my priority is your success too, should you choose to work with me. Every one of my clients, since 2007, has taught me more about how to help people overcome challenges.

Is any of this familiar?

– Do you over worry and panic?
– Are you feeling overwhelmed?
– Do you treat yourself harshly?
– Are you often lacking in energy?
– Want to be rid of that phobia?
– Suffering from chronic pain?
– Feeling low and struggling?

Join over 700 people (aged 8 to 80+) who have changed their lives for the better with Clare’s help, in Bristol and Stroud.

Clare’s clients have come from Swindon, Newport, Somerset, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester, Birmingham, Taunton, Exeter; New Zealand, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Scotland.

What I can offer

I coach people who answered yes to any of those questions above and want to learn how to make positive changes for themselves.

Loving your life leads you to become more effective in the world.

However, there is no magic wand. My strategies are incredibly effective, but don’t work unless you are prepared to work on yourself.

It’s O.K. if you are nervous or have doubts. I did too. It soon makes sense.

Learn more about the Lightning Process

Learn more about Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

“Clare’s teaching was a model of excellent coaching…concrete, practical and inspirational.”

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“I’ve literally gone from dropout to passing with a First at a top 5 uni and being asked to speak at my graduation.”

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“I felt supported and encouraged every step and so I was able to support and encourage Rebecca.”

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