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A training course for a better life

What is it?

The Lightning Process® involves a training course run over 3 consecutive half days. Importantly it also includes up to 3 hours coaching, one to one, in the first year. Together with other support structures these individual sessions help keep you on track whilst in training.


How does it work?

I’m sure you are familiar with how you can get a physical reaction simply talking with someone, watching a video, remembering something from your past or even imagining a future event; you might blush, cry, laugh or your heart might race. That is a mind/body interaction.
We can learn to harness that power to get positive change in our lives.
When the body experiences a threat (such as physical injury, viruses, drug reactions, emotional shock or trauma), it creates a physical emergency response (PER), which stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System and produces stress hormones.
This is an excellent solution for dealing with most emergency threats, but long-term arousal of this system causes disruption to normal Hormone, Immune, Muscle and Digestive System function and changes the way our nerve cells transmit nerve signals.

The Impact of Stress
The combination of the original cause, plus prolonged stress and imbalanced body systems, results in a downward health spiral. The spiral can be further worsened by the emotional distress of being unwell and all the concerns about your future.
I will help you understand the physical processes that often accompany or follow ill health or trauma. A training programme, such as the Lightning Process, which teaches you how to influence these physical processes, can open up a whole new set of options and choices for your health and life.

So, the Lightning Process® is an empowering training course, which teaches you how you can influence your health and life, using techniques based on the way the mind and body interact.

Your Role
Remember you are with yourself 24/7 so of course you are the most influential person on yourself. Up until now you may not have recognised this or known what to do. That’s O.K. If it appeals to you to learn, with my committed support and encouragement, HOW to take hold of the reins of your own health and wellbeing – find out the steps involved here:

LP Home Study Part 1  |  LP Course Dates | LP Course How To Apply

Medical Opinion and Research
What doctors say about the Lightning Process®

“Given that 90% of doctor’s visits are the result of stress, stress-reducing techniques like the ones taught in Phil Parker’s book can be not only life-saving, but happiness-saving. With power tools aimed at helping you unravel limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you from thriving, this book is just what the doctor ordered.” Dr Lissa Rankin MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

“I am a medical, UK-trained doctor whose life has been transformed by the Lightning Process.  The Lightning Process is, without doubt, an extremely effective training programme which enables participants to make hugely important, life-enhancing changes to their health and wellbeing – rapidly and permanently.
The science behind the Process makes absolute sense and the theories behind it are entirely sound.  The Process can be applied to an enormous range of problems or issues (for me, learning how to sleep properly again and how to be able to “do” calm and serenity at will, are valuable beyond measure).  I have no doubt of the effectiveness of the Process having personally gone from leading a ‘stressful’ existence to being able to totally engage in and enjoy my life – within 24 hours.  I only wish I had done this years ago.
I feel sincerely privileged and very grateful to have been able to see and feel how much of a difference the LP makes – quietly and without great drama and with great effect.”  Dr. Stephanie Hughes B.Sc. (Hons.) B.M. B.Ch. (Oxon) M.R.C.G.P. Cert.Med.Ed. General Practitioner

“I’m training to be a Practitioner of the Lightning Process myself, after seeing the amazing changes people can make using the Process.” Dr. Helmut Roniger, MMED Consultant Physician at UCLH

“I hope the importance of this innovative approach to medical health will spread rapidly to the practice of medicine and to all who need it.” Dr Susy Mikkelsen, MD

“I observed a Lightning Process training course and watched five people completely transform very persistent and difficult issues that they had struggled with for years.  I would say to anyone go for it – it’s absolutely fascinating. ”  Dr Fleur Appleby Deen MBBS BSc

News on NHS research results and other research

The Lightning Process® has been working with the NHS on a research study and here (at last!) are the results:
The University of Bristol has reported that a study investigating the effectiveness of The Lightning Process® programme together with Specialist Medical Care to treat children with mild or moderate CFS or ME has found that symptoms improve. However, this study needs to be replicated before the Lightning Process® can be offered in the NHS.
The results from a study by University of Bristol have been published to help keep paediatricians and others up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases. It appears in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, which is an official journal of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. 
Full study is reported in the journal here.

Understanding the Lightning Process® Approach to CFS/ME; a Review of the Disease Process and the Approach
This important peer-reviewed paper summarises current research hypotheses of how CFS/ME affects the body and how the Lightning Process® concepts fit with that research. It also covers the theories on how the Lightning Process® has a positive effect on physiology and how it can help to increase exercise endurance.  Read the paper here.