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I started having coaching sessions with Clare after years of escalating health problems related to my neurodiversity (ADHD/autism) and eco-anxiety. Clare’s empathy, communication skills and expert guidance gave me clarity and tools to re-wire my internal dialogue for a positive mindset, and the confidence to re-prioritise my life. These coaching sessions have not only greatly improved my physical and mental health, but also the quality of my relationships. I feel blessed to have found Clare’s coaching! Mike (30) 2022

Clare gave my daughter the skills and confidence to realise she had the power within her to deal with her anxieties. It was like watching her give a huge sigh of relief after just the first day of meeting Clare and starting to use the strategies she taught. Her continuing support has been wonderful and as a Mum I am delighted that she has found someone she can trust and know that she can talk to openly about her feelings. Her easy going and relaxed approach has really suited us both. We have both learnt so much and I know my daughter can take her new skills with her throughout her life and have tools to help her with any challenges she faces. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone ‘stuck’ and needing to know how to move forward. Tania

Before I met Clare I had a lot of anxiety about things, and was often questioning my self. I tended to be an ‘always yes person’ not because I wanted to always say yes but because I felt it was the easier, quieter option. I often felt I ought to be doing things and did them because I felt I should, not because I wanted to.

I am a different person for sure! I am much more steady, consistent in my mood and thought patterns. As a result its made me more confident in myself and my capabilities and what I want from life and relationships. I really am so grateful to have met Clare and gone on the course. It was a life changer!

“I’d get SO frustrated because I knew I was smarter than the majority of people I was at school with in so many ways, but on paper I was average at best … really poor academic performance from secondary school to my first year of uni at Cardiff where I dropped out, all as a result of anxiety where I was just too anxious to study. I’d avoid it because I was so scared of the exam, then have panic attacks in the exam because I just didn’t know anything! That’s pretty much where I was when I came for the course with you. So having fixed that – I’ve literally gone from dropout, to passing with a First at a top 5 uni and being asked to speak at graduation!”
  Update from George, 2018

…the biggest achievement I have made is fulfilling my dream of getting to Thailand!!!!I have just returned from 4 weeks of hectic, full on amazing travelling around the country! I had the best time of my life. I went on my own (!!!) and met up with a tour group out there, made some wonderful new friends and had so much fun! I went elephant trekking, bamboo water rafting, walked/climbed to see lots of different waterfalls, visited an orphanage, visited numerous temples and just generally travelled around the country!! 

Yep, now it’s back to work – a class of 30 little 4 year olds!! My favourite job 🙂 So once again all I can say is Thank You, Clare!
Katie, 10 months after working with me

“It has been a decade since I first worked with you and I have been free from chronic anxiety and loving and relishing my life since.”  Update from Colin, 2018

“I really enjoyed it. Clare has a very enthusiastic and humorous way to bring to life new ways of thinking. These empower me in those tricky day-to-day life situations.”  Anne M

“I was recommended Clare by my daughter … Through Clare’s hard work and professionalism I am finally putting behind me old patterns of thinking gained over 25 years, I am beginning to enjoy life and viewing the future with optimism. The changes in me are remarkable and as a result my GP has agreed that I can come off the antidepressants that I have been taking for the last 2 years. Medication treated my symptoms and helped keep me going in the short term, whereas now I have addressed the root of my problems.”  C.B., Herefordshire

“Magical”, Sarah‘s word to sum up her wedding day.
“I’ve never seen such a chilled out bride in all the weddings I’ve been to”, Sarah’s friend said to her on the day.

Sarah came to see me in February 2018.


“Clare’s approach was clear, kind and sensitive whilst being very much in control of the course flow, structure and organisation required to complete the programme of study.”  Peter (parent) 2007

“Due to various problems in my life, I had anxiety and depression for about 2 years. I had been taking increasingly strong doses of antidepressants and seeing a psychotherapist. This helped contain the problem but was not solving it and I really felt as though my life was outside my control. Then a friend said that her son had worked with Clare Hudman and had completely got rid of his depression and she suggested I gave it a go. This took some courage as I would have to take responsibility for my condition and I was not sure I could manage this. However, I was desperate to do something for the sake of my family and contacted Clare. That was the best thing I have ever done as under Clare’s gentle and committed guidance I worked through the course with a small group of lovely people and have turned my life around. It is now six months on and I have come off all tablets and therapy and feel in control once more. The problems are still there but I have learned how to deal with them. My friends say that I look so much more relaxed these days and my husband says that he has his old wife back again. It really has made a tremendous difference and I would definitely recommend it as a way of dealing with anxiety and depression.”  Alison, Cirencester

“Just to let you know I’m so proud! On Friday and Saturday Carlos took part in a Junior Arts Festival for singing in Bristol. For the last 12 months, he has only managed to attend approximately 4 singing lessons. A few days before we went to Stroud to do the LP, he tried to practice but unfortunately he ended up in tears saying he wasn’t feeling confident, so we left it. On Thursday when we got home, he felt confident to have a singing lesson, and on Friday and Saturday he got up early!!!! and took part in the competition. While I sat in the back row and blubbered!!!! I was so proud of him, he used to take part in lots of competitions and lets hope he can go back to do some more. It was lovely to meet you all, Carlos and I have spent a lot of time talking about you and wondering how you’re all getting on, we both really enjoyed the course.”  Nikki (Mum of Carlos 13 yrs)

“After leaving you I was extremely elated and looking forward to the rest of my life and I couldn’t wait to get started on everything. That night I baked hundreds of muffins to share with everyone in school to celebrate new beginnings and all that. Everyone was very excited for me and it’s lovely to have people commenting on my appearance in a good way. I was still doing a bit of anxiety and was using the LP loads (about 20-30 times). School was fantastic and I even have the children capturing the feeling of success and calling on it when things don’t go so well. We call it the sunshine feeling and they are really enjoying being my little rays of bright sunshine which has meant a calmer, happier environment for all. I did worry about the weekend in Belfast, mainly because of late and early flights and people misinterpreting real tiredness for the other kind. It was fine. I just slept in a bit on Saturday and on my return (4.30 am start) had a guiltfree nap. The weekend was great and we managed to do things we haven’t done in years like climb mountains (well a jolly big hill) and eat out late at night. Mum and Dad were thrilled though, as predicted, Dad was a tad sceptical but felt much better when he discovered that Phil Parker isn’t some shouty American evangelist! Had a whole week in school and even arranged a ukulele concert without doing stress and panic.
The initial euphoria has worn off as I become used to being me again and I’m finding that I have so much more time to do everything and learning that it’s ok to just do things for me. In fact today has been a tiny bit of school work, a teeny bit of housework, a big bit of curled up reading a new book and I’m just in from the garden having sorted out my hanging baskets and playing ball with the dog. As I finish this email I’m shooting off to have my injections for India which is next week.
Thanks for everything,”  Gillian

getbetter.me logo in colour

“I’ve been a busy bee – going out for meals, enjoying time with friends and generally living life to the full! I even use the tools you taught me before I play poker with friends now and I’ve never played better! Last weekend a group of us went to the Bristol Cider Festival which was in the huge function room of the museum next to Temple Meads. It was great to take interest in all the people (and ciders) around me. One of the most rewarding parts of the whole journey is the reaction that I now receive from others. Those that knew me before are delighted that I’m back to myself and the smiles I get even from people in passing as we walk/slide through the snow is brilliant. I’m also back at uni now and feeling so much more positive – I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks when I’ll be getting the results out from the experiment which I designed and of course to this weekend when I’ll be going to a friends pirate fancy dress birthday party!
Anyway thanks again for teaching me the tools I needed to feel well.”  David

“With Clare’s training I now have a tool that I use to get my life back on track. Where I used to orientate everything around fears and anxiety, coping rather than enjoying my life, I now realise that I can allow compassion towards myself and get on with relishing my family and my work. I am beginning to feel like I did when I was nineteen again, full of hope, vigour and enthusiasm. thank you” Colin

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you, Clare. Just shows how well Anna is and how I’m not constantly thinking about her recovery now.
I really can’t express how much we appreciate all that you’ve done for us. She’s returned to school eagerly, wanting to be there and now has a tutor at home to support her with topics she’s missed. She even enjoys his lessons! It was her 13th birthday yesterday and it was great to see her enjoying every minute of it.
If we could contact you if anything changes that would be brilliant, Clare. Thanks again for everything and for also supporting me through it all. You are truly inspirational! Anna’s mum 

I’m writing this from back stage at the dance show Anna had been in for the last 5 years. Except last year of course when she was ill and I was too upset at the show to watch it all as I didn’t know how to help her. 
Well now she’s well again and  I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are.  Anna’s mum (1 year later)
Katie [age 8]. Clare was fantastic on the course and delivered it in a very child friendly way. She dealt with any emotions very skilfully and her great sense of humour made her the perfect choice for our little girl.  Katie’s mother

see more about Katie and other children at Clare’s blog

Ellie [age 12] is a different girl to that of the previous 18 months, I have my excitable chatterbox back! Thank you for your help in getting her feeling better; your enthusiasm, humour and support throughout were invaluable, and I will always be grateful to you.  Kate

“Since working with you I have felt a lot better!! I ran a cross country race on Monday in my school and came 2nd! I have not missed a day off school since I saw you (or even an hour!) And I’m better at juggling now!!!! I have lots of things to look forward to until the end of term, including sports day, a trip to Cattle Country, my leavers play and end of year disco, and on the last day of term I get to go in a stretch hummer from school to play bowling at Cribbs Causeway!! I went to look around my new school last week and got to meet my tutor, he was very kind and I know I am going to do really well. I am looking forward to starting in September. We are due to go on camp a couple of weeks after we start, so that will be a real challenge for me and a chance to prove how well I am doing.”  George – age 11

“Just a note to let you know we have no objections to you using George’s email on your website. The more people you can help the better. Since George wrote to you last week, he has continued to go from strength to strength. He had his sports day at the end of the week and managed to get a 2nd place in the sprint race and 3rd in the sack race, he was really pleased, and so was I, it was great to see him joining in and looking so happy instead of looking worried. Today he was in the school talent/dance competition and managed to get 2nd place. Again I am thrilled he had the confidence to enter, a few months ago I am sure he wouldn’t even have considered it. Thank you so much for helping George, it has made a huge difference to the whole family, especially me, as trying to juggle work and George over the past 3 years has been exhausting!! I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and I have a very different, confident, boy when he gets up in the morning. He is back to the ‘old’ George – happy and full of life. I will keep in touch over the coming months and let you know how he is progressing. As he told you, he is really looking forward to secondary school and next week he has an induction day. He can’t wait to go and I know he has the ‘tools’ to help him through. Once again thanks for all your help”  George’s mum

… and 2 years later …

“George hasn’t looked back since the day he left you. He is doing really well at school and is the happy, cheeky boy we missed for sooo long! He has just returned from a trip to France with the school and loved every minute of it. Also this year he was awarded ‘Manager’s Player of the Year’ in his football team, and was really pleased. I can’t thank you enough for your help with George.”  George’s mum

“I’m really feeling well, and happier than ever. Had a 3 hour cricket session yesterday which was brilliant, I can hardly walk this morning though, but neither can my brother, who also played cricket! I will get back to you if I ever feel I need any more coaching but I’m really good at the moment, and looking forward to going back to school on Wednesday (beginning of term).”  Guy aged 15

“I am feeling great; holidays have been packed full of parties, horses (and some revising!). I have learnt to switch off my alarm, and to not do stress over silly things. I have even had a job over Christmas to earn some money to fund all of the nights out! Overall I feel I have a much more positive outlook on life and am doing a lot less stress, anxiety and tiredness than I used to. However, today I am physically tired because of all of the parties I have been to, so I am going to have a few early nights and I will be back perfect again! I can’t thank you enough for the changes in my life.”  Helen aged 17

– My relationship with alcohol changed immediately and I now drink much less and for fun rather than medication. I also now have a really good ‘pit’ indicator.
– I am back to cycling every week day and with only positive outcomes from doing so. I am not limiting myself any more to avoid fatigue
– I am much kinder to myself and those around me as a result. Taking time out is a responsible thing to do.
– My sleep patterns are more normal and I feel more rested
Ben  August 2020

“I am amazed at the profound changes that I and others around me have noticed. I have been searching for an answer … for over 25 years now, severely enough over the last 10 years to have been effectively bed bound for years at a time … but at long last I realistically see that I am going to be able to realise all my dreams for a future!”  Heather S.

“I’m doing brilliantly… I’ve now set up the web site for my temping business and have already had some work. The welly pullers are coming along nicely too – it’s a good balance.
In fact, I have ‘the life I love’ – which is brilliant.
On Sunday we went to the seaside – walk on the prom, ice-cream and coffee for lunch, then a four mile walk across sand dunes to the beach with the dog. Utterly brilliant…. the attached photo from Sunday is now my new computer background, it nicely sums up the way I’m feeling and will always remind me of the ‘new me’.
HUGE thanks for helping me get my life back.”  Sarah

“It’s been a busy couple of weeks – my car is now clean and polished again after I spent a solid three hours working on it the day after the  course ended. The quality of my sleep is improving – instead of waking up 4 or 5 times a night its only once or twice now. Emily and I have been out and about taking advantage of the decent weather – we caught the train to Worcester last Thursday and I was dragged to all the clothes shops! Everyone is really pleased with the improvements in my health and I’m optimistic that things will continue to get better. The next big challenge is a family holiday at the end of next week – there will be nine of us (including my 2 year old niece) in a cottage in Scotland for a week!”  Alan

“Just thought I’d write myself and tell you that he has been a completely different person since completing the training. It’s so nice to have the old Alan back and seeing him doing things again. I am enjoying going out with him, like the shopping trip to Worcester, without worrying about how tired he will be. I still can’t believe how different he is and how much happier he is. We can’t thank you enough and now we are looking forward to a family holiday together in Scotland. This will be a challenge but I truly believe he will enjoy himself, go out, have fun, relax and get through the whole week unscathed! I learned a lot myself and so I’ve benefited as well!! I just want to thank you for changing our life and I can’t wait for the future.”  Emily

 A Year On
It was with great trepidation that I set off to do the lightning process a year ago today. I had no idea what the course entailed and had nightmares that I’d be made to run around a huge field naked! However, I was so fed up with being in pain and tired all the time that I was willing to give it a go and had read lots of success stories.
After a three-day training course with a trainer who was most inspiring and positive, I came away with a positive attitude that change was in my hands, and however hard I had to work I was determined to make this work. And work it has. Over the last year I’ve gradually got better and better with a few blips on the way, when I’ve had to do the lightning process frequently. But I now work more than before, and cook and clean for my family. We bought a new puppy eight months ago, who I walk daily, and I’ve just started piano lessons again, which I gave up 14 years ago, due to the pain in my arms. I have got my life back!
In the past year we’ve been to France a few times and I’ve done lots walking, which was one of the aims that I gave to my lightning trainer. My husband has started his own business, which he would not have been able to do before as he was spending a lot of time helping in the house. I have also driven a 250 mile round trip to visit my daughter, on my own, which I never would have attempted before.
Selfishly I have been too busy in the last year to take time out to write about my experience, but I now want to take the opportunity to thank both my personal trainer (Clare Hudman) and Phil Parker who invented the lightning process and say to anybody who is thinking of doing – go for it!!”  Gill P

“I’ve had quite an eventful week: on Thursday a 400 miles round trip by car…and guess what? I drove most of the way home doing the M23 and the M25 and the M4. It felt great, just like old times. I am so pleased, I can hardly believe it! I know there is still plenty of work ahead but results like that really spur you on, don’t they?
Today, for the first time in 18 years I feel completely ‘normal’, it is so amazing and I would have never thought it possible! I have even been eating spicy food!
In the meantime work is challenging and, incredibly, going really well, even to the point that staff said they have never felt so supported…. I didn’t realise how much I would owe to the LP and just how far reaching its effects would be. Phil Parker and all of you guys are very special people and I just have to thank you so much for all that you have taught me. I feel I have a whole new life happening!”  Sally

“Dearest Clare,
i’m about 2 weeks late but thought i’d celebrate my first anniversary with you and tell you how i have been ‘getting on’! where to start???
i had just started a part time party plan job when i met you last November and was worried how I’d cope!!! Well, cope? tosh!!! i am now a manager slowly building my own team, with Christmas looming large i am ‘partying’ almost every night too!! Wow, i’m SO pleased with that, energy levels not a problem – almost manic sometimes with excitement and the thought that the world is my oyster and ‘I can do anything’ rings in my head.
But not only am i building an income for the first time in 14 years but this year I took on the responsibility and mantle of school Christmas Fair Chairperson and all that entails, if I wasn’t working for money i was slogging away on trying to get raffle prizes, designing programmes, coordinating pta helpers etc etc – it has been absolutely non stop, and i have totally thrived and enjoyed every minute!!!
You and the process have completely changed my life – its wonderful and i will forever be thankful i met you!
Now I do have slight wobbles from time to time but very slight – and i find its only when i’ve been chatting to Mum or friends who were so close to me when i was ill, without realising i can come off the phone aching and bodychecking cos mum’s been saying i shouldn’t over do it etc. but i just do the process and i’m fine again! So i do keep an eye on that and what or who triggers it!!
Anyway, if i don’t find the time (as i’m SSSSSSO busy working!!!!! – i love being able to say that) to email you again Clare – I wish you a fantastic and healthy and wonderful Christmas and 2011 from me and my ever so grateful family.”  Emma

“I just want to thank you, and my family want to thank you, for your wonderful course – you must be one of Phil Parker’s stars! I can’t think of anyone who would not go away having mega benefits. When I came home my husband opened a bottle of champagne and we all had a celebration. Thanks a million.”  Adrienne (aged 74 yrs)

My friend’s daughter had experienced an amazing change in just three days and I was hopeful I’d have the same. But on day three, although I saw glimmers of hope, I didn’t see it really working for me in the same way.
I talked with Clare about this and wondered out loud if it just wasn’t going to work for me. We talked a bit about how people vary and what might be a reasonable expectation for me, given my personal circumstances. She suggested that two months may be a better goal to work towards than the three days I had hoped for.
So I went home and just kept using the principles. I still had my doubts, but I just kept working at it – I used the process and learnt to think in new ways. Within a month I knew it was definitely working for me. 
More recently, my skills have sustained me through an extremely challenging time. But having come through it unscathed and in fact thriving, I know now that I can overcome any challenge using the tools which I learnt on the course.
Alex, May 2020

“…my skeptical, analytical mind became suspicious…I made the mistake of doing a bit of research online…just to know both sides of the story, I thought, just to put my mind at rest. Of course I found some, and what I read confused and disturbed me, and threw me into turmoil! Here is strong evidence if you need it of the importance of our thinking for our general state of wellbeing…Before reading the negative testimonials, I’d been happy, excited and looking forward to getting better…Thankfully, my personal connection with my trainer (Clare Hudman)…kept me on board…I hung on in there and I’m so glad I did…Without a doubt it is the most transformative thing I’ve ever done…As well as completely sorting out my physical health, it improved my life in profound ways I wasn’t at all expecting it to. Above all, it’s incredibly empowering…I chose to do it in spite of my doubts and it’s the best choice I ever made.”  Kit, 2018

“I am amazed at the profound changes that I and others around me have noticed. I have been searching for an answer … for over 25 years now, severely enough over the last 10 years to have been effectively bed bound for years at a time … but at long last I realistically see that I am going to be able to realise all my dreams for a future!”  Heather S.

“I’ve had quite an eventful week: on Thursday a 400 miles round trip by car…and guess what? I drove most of the way home doing the M23 and the M25 and the M4. It felt great, just like old times. I am so pleased, I can hardly believe it! I know there is still plenty of work ahead but results like that really spur you on, don’t they?
Today, for the first time in 18 years I feel completely ‘normal’, it is so amazing and I would have never thought it possible! I have even been eating spicy food!
In the meantime work is challenging and, incredibly, going really well, even to the point that staff said they have never felt so supported…. I didn’t realise how much I would owe to the LP and just how far reaching its effects would be. Phil Parker and all of you guys are very special people and I just have to thank you so much for all that you have taught me. I feel I have a whole new life happening!”  Sally

“I felt  tired a lot of the time, I wasn’t able to get on with things I wanted to achieve in life, I was stuck in relationships and patterns which were unhelpful and draining.
I’ve been able to take a more active part in life and to join in with campaigning for things I care about (climate change, in particular). I’ve been able to do some part-time support work and have been chosen for positions of responsibility in my community. I feel as though my approach is more positive and pro-active than it was in the past.”

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